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From the desk of Tom Mitchell

the 1 Minute Dog Trainer

Tom Mitchell 3 Years of AgeHi,

I was born lucky as I grew up on my grandparent’s farm in Minnesota. It was safe explore. Being an adventurous baby, I wandered off as soon as I could walk.

Many times, the only way anyone could find me was to call for our dog Sandy. They knew she was always by my side. Sandy would come bounding out of the woods or a field and they knew that I was close behind.

That was my first experience with dogs!

Now, many years later … I have worked with animals all over the world, including Olympic horses, zoo animals, and aggressive cats, but my expertise is … puppies and dogs.

For over twenty five years people have called me an animal behaviorist, some a dog whisperer. And from this experience, I have developed a unique system called One Minute Dog Training.

With the One Minute Dog Training Secrets you’ll learn how to communicate with your dog without beating, yelling, or using cruel training devices like choke, shock or prong collars.

You will receive all that you need to know to train your dog! I promise to present an easy, straight forward method for training Puppies and Dogs from someone who has been out in the field working with dogs for decades.

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PuppyEven if Your Puppy is completely “Out of his mind ... Peeing in your house, Chewing, Barking, Digging, Ripping up your furniture or even eating the backseat of your new car…”

You'll See Results Without Yelling, Scolding or Punishing "In a Kind and Loving Way!".. In Just One Day. Guaranteed!

Sound too good to be true...Please Read On to Discover How to:

  • House Training Your Puppy – Immediately!
  • Puppy Training with Kindness!
  • How to End Barking & Leash Pulling!
  • Crate Training Your Puppy the Fast & Easy Way!
  • Stop your Dog from Nipping and Biting!
  • Have the Most Obedient Dog Ever!


Kissing Puppy

You will learn how to quickly house-train your puppy … and how to gently and easily end your problems forever, including:

  • Peeing and pooping everywhere... but the right spot Chewing ...the furniture and destroying everything
  • Jumping up on people Biting & Nipping
  • Begging Not coming when called
  • Pulling on the leash Constant barking
  • Not listening Running away

Here is what I guarantee — You will have instant access to the absolutely best information on how to have the finest puppy or dog.

And I guarantee that you will love this system! Watch some of the videos on this page & read the testimonials! Enjoy!

Best regards,

Tom Mitchell